Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm Baaaa-aaacK! Although perhaps the most sporadic blogger in the world, I am persistent. My job in a prestigious defense analysis institutation limits my blogging in an unofficial way. I am on a temporary military assignment for the year, and therefore plan to take advantage of the time and do some blogging! I'm excited. I plan to figure out how to really dig in and do more dynamic presentations and tie in to a community. I have been away for so long I probably have no readers, but that's OK. I'm undeterred. Right now I'm sitting on a mattress in a foreign country in the middle east waiting for a ride to the airport. I DID get my flu shot, although I am not sure it is effective against all the strains that are blossoming and speeding their way around the globe. So, let's see what the internet says about the flu this season...

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